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Urban / Business Wear in Montreal

“I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” - Estee Lauder

This is a sentiment that every woman in Montreal can identify with. To be a success you cannot wait for your achievements to fall into your lap; you must have a strong resolve to take the necessary steps towards your dreams.

Promenade Greene understands this sentiment because we hold it as well. We toil to find a variety of different clothes and accessories that work with the urban lifestyle of today’s Montreal business women.

We specialize in helping female professionals find work attire that promotes confidence while still leaving room for individual style. We know that creating the right wardrobe for your work environment can be difficult because it can be thought that you have to choose between work appropriate clothes or something stylish.

However, do not forget the city you are in! This is Montreal, known for incorporating style into every aspect of life! Elegant and effortless, chic and smart, laid-back and sophisticated and everything in between. This is what life in Canada’s fashion hub is all about!

If you need some help finding what to wear, there is no need to worry. Promenade Greene is here for you.

Promenade Greene: Working hard to give our clients more free time

We understand that professionals live a very busy life. That is why we stock our shelves and racks with a great variety of clothes for work and for play. Moreover, our staff are fashion consultants that can find the right options for you quickly.

Do you have a favorite, top, skirt or pants, but not much to pair it with? Bring it in or a picture of it and we will find something that complements the article of clothing perfectly.

And of course, if you can give us a sense of your general style then we can pick out clothes from new shipments and put them aside for you. For more information please see our personal shopper page.

The next time you are shopping for something to wear come see the friendly staff at Promenade Greene. We look forward to seeing you!