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Fashion Consultant in Westmount, Montreal

Most everyone wants to look and feel great in their clothing. But with fashion trends constantly changing, you may be wondering if your wardrobe is stuck in past. Imagine if you had someone who could offer you fashion advice, show you the latest trends, and help you put together an outfit. Well, imagine no more! Promenade Greene is here to turn that vision into a reality. As a leading women’s clothing boutique in Montreal, we can help you find the clothes that you were born to wear, and so much more!

Revamp your wardrobe!

Do you have a skirt that you can’t seem to match with any blouse? Or a hat that doesn’t seem to go with any outfit? Perhaps an outdated blazer from the 90’s that cost you a fortune?

If you are like most women, you may have an article of clothing that you haven’t worn in years, but refuse to get rid of. It has been relegated to the back of your closet where it hangs on a hanger in hopes of one day being worn. Today is that day! Bring your loved but rarely worn articles to Promenade Greene and allow our fashion consultants to shed some light on your wardrobe issues.

We can work one-on-one with you to help you find a way to wear that article of clothing. For example, we can bring that blazer back to life with a statement necklace or a pair of modern jeans, and we can help show you how to wear that skirt in a way you never thought of.

We know our clients!

With many years in business, we have gotten to know our clients quite well. So well in fact that we have become well-acquainted with their personal senses of style and unique tastes. To ensure our loyal clients always have first pick of our ever changing inventory, we put clothing and accessories aside just for them. There is no obligation to purchase the put-aside items, but this helps make shopping a whole lot easier.

Come say hello!

If you are in Westmount or the surrounding area and need some fashion tips or advice, stop by Promenade Greene today. Male or female, we love talking fashion!