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Personal Shopper

Montreal is the cultural hub of Canada.

Primarily French with a spoonful of English and a sprinkling of many other languages, the city is a mix of European sentimentality and western modernism.

That is why Montreal is known as the most stylish city in Canada. So much so that even a magazine called “Toronto Is Fashion” had to admit that Montreal is more fashionable than the mega city of Toronto (the business hub of Canada).

However, finding the time to go to different stores, search through mountains of clothes, and try on outfit after outfit can be very difficult.

Montreal women are extremely hard working. A fulltime job, a family, friends – just maintaining your lifestyle can take up all of your time and make any free time a precious commodity.

That is why Promenade Greene is here to streamline the process! Our store has a great selection of a wide variety of clothes and accessories from well-known brands:

  • • Michael Kors
  • • Betty Barclay
  • • Gerry Weber
  • • Peruzzi
  • • And much, much more

We will discuss your personal preferences and style and do your shopping for you! We will scour our rakes for something that matches your taste, but that is only the first visit.

Promenade Greene creates files for our Montreal clients and when we get in new shipments (at least once every two weeks) we will set aside clothes for you.

There is no obligation to buy the articles we set aside.

We just want to be able to serve our clients and save them time by doing their shopping for them!

Think of it. Instead of having to take time out of your busy schedule to go searching for something that compliments your existing wardrobe and looks fantastic, you can rely on Promenade Greene to do the work for you.

Special Request: Home Visit

To make the personal shopping experience easier and more effective, we invite you to set an appointment with Promenade Greene’s owner, Eliane. She will schedule a date to meet you at your home and go through your wardrobe. With this information, Eliane will be able to make precise decisions about what would go with your existing wardrobe when new shipments come into the store.

Promenade Greene: Trust is always in fashion

We invite you to come into our Wesmount location and see what we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you!