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Casual Wear on Avenue Greene in Montreal

Fashion is a constant evolution. From bell bottoms to shoulder pads to platform shoes, the trends are always changing. Office attire has also experienced some changes over the decades. Flashback to the 1960s and you’re surrounded by pencil skirts, kitten heels, and pearls. Flash forward to today’s workplace and you’re in a world of skinny jeans, flats, and blazers. A much more relaxed and laidback environment! But be careful! Don’t get too comfy, you still need to appear professional.

How do you dress for today’s casual workplace?

Ah, casual Friday. What was once a fun way to usher in the weekend, is now the way to dress for every day of the week. Unfortunately, knowing how to dress casually for work can be confusing. You want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to look comfortable. You want to show people that you mean business, but you don’t want to appear overdressed. So, where is the middle ground? There’s a good chance you’ll find it here, at Promenade Greene.

The working woman never looked so good

In the world of fashion, there is one thing that will never change – when you look your best, you feel your best. Whether you are new to the workforce or have fallen out of touch with the current trends in office fashion, our goal is to help you find clothing that helps you look and feel your best. Our staff is committed to keeping an eye on the current trends while also making sure we are stocked with modern classics that are always in style. We will work with you to find clothing that compliments your figure and personality.

Need some assistance?

Casual clothing isn’t only for the workplace. We offer many items that can be worn almost anywhere. If you are in Montreal, we encourage you to come to Westmount and discover why Promenade Greene is such a special boutique. We have helped many women in Westmount dress casually, but not too casually, if you know what we mean. We would love the opportunity to help you with your casual attire!